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Divorce Attorney in Kansas City

How do you Find the Best Divorce Attorney in Kansas City?

You could call us, of course.

Take Stock of Your Situation

The other things to do is to take your time and determine what type of attorney that you need for your divorce. Do you want one that is a bulldog and is willing to fight over each and every detail? Some divorces require that. However, some people are wanting to have a more collaborative approach to the divorce. In these situations, the divorce is really need more of a mediation type approach and not a pure litigation and antagonize approach. So, first, decide what you need.

Talk to Several Attorneys

There are a lot of great attorneys in Kansas City.  So, you should call several of them and arrange a meeting.  Listen to them.  Listen to both the words that they are saying and whether they are willing to listen to you and your needs.  Some attorneys want you to fit into their mold.  However, a great divorce attorney will listen to you and base their counsel on your needs.  Ask a bunch of questions.  If they are not willing to answer you and your questions now, what do you think they will do when the divorce is in full flight?

Get Referrals

Ask around.  Go on message boards and see what people think.  A good referral is worth its weight in gold.