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In many divorce situations, clients are desperately seeking great legal counsel that understands their needs and can help them with their situation. Unfortunately, many divorce firms hand off cases to paralegals or the least experienced associated. We pride ourselves on personally handling every component of your case.

Here at the Divorce Law Group, we want to assure you that we help you through every step of your case. We utilize our years of experience to help you navigate all the complexities of family law. We don’t just work for high net worth clients. Instead, we believe that once we accept your case, you are now part of our legal family. We want you to be assured that when you come to us for support that we are here for you. We are your support life life, from the start of your case to the finish.

Kansas City Divorce Attorney – Family Law Lawyer

As member of the family legislation lawyers, we deal with all aspects of divorce and household members law in court spaces throughout the Kansas City metro, including Overland Park and the rest of Johnson County Kansas as well as Independence and Lee’s Summit, MO. Our Kansas and Missouri divorce practice addresses the various issues that have to be recognized by a settlement contract or court order.

We have the capability to handle high net-worth divorces along with the intricacies of marital relationship property division, child help, spousal assistance, parenting time (child custody in addition to visitation), along with more.

There are plenty of issues that also arise even when cases have been settled. Some of these issues include child support defaults, modifications to household court orders, and adult transitions.

We have a long history with premarital contracts (sometimes called prenuptial or antenuptial contracts). We understand what can be put into a contract and then how that affects the marriage going forward. We get plenty of referrals from other attorneys that want us to provide great legal advice to their clients.

Divorce Mediation and Divorce Arbitration

We have been leaders in developing mediation in divorce proceedings. Yes, we know how to go through the court process. Given our long years of experience with the court, we have worked hard to develop our practice to include mediation instead of the formal court process. There are a couple of things that we try to do when deciding to go through a mediation. First, we want to bring fairness to the process. This isn’t about getting every last penny, but instead making sure that both sides understand the process and what happens. This can save substantial time and heartache in the proceeding.

It also saves money.

Divorce Attorney Reviews

Whether your circumstances requires vigorous arrangement, mediation or assertive representation at trial, our attorneys have the legal understanding as well as courtroom experience to shield you as well as your interests.

Best KC Divorce Lawyers

The possibility of separation unavoidably brings clients to our office with a large range of feelings. At the Divorce Law Group, we are very sensitive to those going through a marital relationship break down. We understand that a few of you have in fact lost just what appeared a resource of real assistance, just to be changed by the irritation of coldly official or seemingly hostile lawful procedure.

Do I Need an Attorney for Divorce?

As Kansas City divorce attorneys, we have actually managed numerous opposed divorces with skills, empathy and customized focus. Hiring an attorney early while doing so usually avoids the mistakes that take place when celebrations to divorce represent themselves prior to the court. We understand this given that we handle several circumstances where people have actually tried to handle their separation themselves as well as later concerned us when they could not browse their means through the lawful tract. Getting legal support early while doing so can avoid a number of the errors our clients make aiming to handle points themselves as well as could likewise stop the tensions that go along with those mistakes.

Dividing up Marital Assets

Both Kansas and Missouri have dedicated laws that show how assets are divided after marriage. These laws can depend on several factors, including the length of marriage. Our Kansas City divorce lawyers are experienced in the appraisal and likewise department of possessions in divorce industrial property settlements, however we can keep other specialists along with forensic accounting specialists to value pension strategy plans, stocks/stock choices, houses, numerous other home, and company belongings interests.

Spousal Support

Spousal support (better called “spousal assistance”), might be offered when one companion’s income goes beyond the other’s, particularly if the celebration getting assistance has much less education or a minimized earning capacity. The portion of spousal assistance depends upon numerous aspects, including the earnings levels of both parties, custody setup, realty situations as well as more. The period of spousal help depends on the size of the marital relationship in addition to various other factors; where the marital relationship has actually lasted higher than 10 years, support may be authorized regularly up until the death or remarriage of the obtaining partner.

Divorce Attorney Free Consultation – Settlement versus Going to Court

Missouri and Kansas are both no-fault divorce states. In spite of injured feelings or rage to the other party, it remains in the very best enthusiasms of both partners to operate out a plan and prevent separation suits. If an arrangement might not be gotten to, however, we will highly secure our customers’ passions in court to guarantee an affordable divorce negotiation.

The Divorce Law Group often encourage arbitration with a neutral 3rd celebration to work out distinctions, specifically when kids are entailed. We motivate customers on legal techniques as well as suggestions for useful, out-of-court, wardship as well as visitation agreements. Along with, to help recover from separation, we commonly refer our clients to a network of trusted household counselors.

Kansas City Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Virtually every person is familiarized– either with Hollywood, the supermarket tabloids, or our early morning newspaper– with the ‘exceptional’ court divorce. A 2nd, newer technique is acknowledged as collaborative law.

At the Divorce Law Group, we supply all 3 of these techniques to the clients we provide in the South Bay, the San Fernando Valley, and the Greater Kansas City areas. And though we never wait to take our consumers cases right into the court when it is the right thing to do, also, we never cannot inspect out whether various other, much more economical and a lot more friendly means can accomplish better results.

Kansas City area Divorce Lawyers – Arbitration

The essential benefit that arbitration pays for over suits is that it permits the spouses themselves making choices that would otherwise be made in Court by judges who are unknown individuals to them in addition to their kids. There is no risk in attempting to mediate separation issues initially since there is no commitment to stay clear of court if you are not able to reach a gratifying divorce settlement arrangement.

We typically suggest mediation with a neutral 3rd party to function out issues, specifically when youngsters are included. We encourage customers on legal methods as well as recommendations for practical, out-of-court custody and visitation agreements. And to help recuperate from separation, we normally refer our consumers to a network of relied on family specialists.

As lawyers, we in addition supply independent arbitration solutions, including divorce instances where our firm does not stand for either of the parties entailed. In those cases, we consult with both celebrations with the objective of reaching an equally appropriate negotiation. We after that draft all required paperwork to end the entire separation activity, without the parties ever tipping foot right into the courthouse.

Collaborative Law

Collective policy is another technique to fixing divorce-related concerns. In a collaborative regulation approach, the main demand is that both occasions need to accept get included and not to wind up in court. An additional demand is that the attorneys for both sides should be ‘collective legislation’ attorneys.

At the Divorce Law Group, we have really been educated in collective regulation methods and methods. Much like every matter, our firm is committed to accomplishing alternatives that remain in the finest interests of our customers. And also in collaborative law, we incorporate our abilities and experience with those of experts, teachers, financial consultants, and numerous other lawyers and specialists in order to attain those results.

Separation for High Net-Worth Individuals in Missouri and Johnson County, KS

If you are involved in a high net-worth divorce, it is most likely you have lots of problems concerning the monetary parts such as business property department, youngster support as well as spousal assistance. At the Divorce Law Group, our company offer seasoned lawful assistance to people experiencing these complexities. We have the resources you need to completely resolve your financial fears and help you move forward with your life.

Are You Involved in a Complex, High Net-Worth Divorce? Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Our legal representatives have a lot more than 15 years of experience representing people experiencing high net-worth separation. We have substantial encounter dealing with huge estates, substantial assets, reliable businesses, expert practices and other high-value house in addition to ownerships.

We are proficient at valuing all contributions to the monetary success of your marital relationship– whether you were the primary income-earner or included different other approaches. Let the Divorce Law Group help you deal with any kind of divorce-related issue, such as:

  • Marital building division: All marital possessions, consisting of those that raised in value throughout the marriage, are consisted of in the “marital pot.”

Our firm normally includes professionals to help us assess the complexities connected with a high net-worth divorce. We typically keep forensic accounting specialists and other experts to value pension plans, stocks, houses, monetary investments, real estate domestic home and also companies. We might ensure for fair end results in behalf of our customers when we have a clear understanding of the real monetary condition.

  • Spousal assistance: Whether you will be paying or acquiring assistance, our business will seek the most preferable resolution in your location.
  • Child support: Kid assistance payments are developed utilizing a mandated computation that considers the gross profits of each moms and dad together with different other variables. It is necessary to establish a clear photo of each parent’s revenues. It is similarly sometimes possible to wander from the guidelines, and also this requires aid from a knowledgeable lawyer.
  • Kid security and visitation: We could assist you develop a kid protection arrangement that is hassle-free for both dads and mamas. If you have to secure your relationship with your kid, we are experienced supporters.

We additionally prepare prenuptial contracts as well as postnuptial contracts. These records can lay a strong foundation for resolving financial problems in case of a high-asset divorce.

Division of Assets Throughout Divorce Legal representative

All possessions acquired throughout the marital relationship, including the improved worth of possessions brought right into the marriage, are considered part of the ‘marital pot’. As well as separating this pot in case of separation could be difficult to complete rather without the help of a knowledgeable Missouri divorce legal representative.

At the Divorce Law Group, we represent individuals from throughout Johnson County as well as the Greater Kansas City locations along with offer experienced, particular legal services connected to house department in divorce. Our company’s family law specialists will work either with joint law shows, arbitration, or in court to help you get the best settlement possible in your circumstances.

The division of marital possessions and monetary obligations consists of:

  • Department of retired life account
  • Company appraisals
  • Real business property assessment
  • Division of monetary investment accounts
  • Department of pension strategies

As a firm, we preserve forensic accounting specialists and also various other specialists to worth pension plan techniques, stocks and stock options, homes in addition to other building, as well as business property enthusiasms. And while we are empathetic towards our customers, we do not wait to deal decisively with the resistance if the scenario requires it. Our goal is to attain results that are totally in the best intentions of our clients.

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